Are we living in the land of the blinds?

! No Mamata for Martyrs

When whole nation is standing behind the families of Uri martyrs, somehow West Bengal government is insensitive although two soldiers Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai and Gangadhar Dohri from 6 Bihar Regiment where from West Bengal. Financial compensation is a far cry there is not even official statement of grief or sympathy from the Bengal Government, and this coming from the Janbhoomi of Subhash Chandra Bose.

West government attitude reflect the mindset of people, we are getting insensitive with every passing day. After any disaster, we cry for a day and get back to normal next day as if nothing has happened; and few have stopped that ritual of crying for day like West Bengal government.

Martyrs compensation and Olympic medalist award functions have become a fashion symbol. As if there is a marathon going on to show how big hypocrite and mindless are the governments. They are acting like Maharajas of old time, “Oh, what a performance, I am giving you 1000 gold coins”. Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi giving away 1 Crore to policeman who dies on duty in Delhi and Nitesh Kumar, Bihar Chief Minister offering 5 Lakhs to Uri Martyrs, what a contradiction! Isn’t the government supposed to work on principles of constitution? Isn’t all government actions should be pre-conceived and preapproved from the lower bodies and informed to the people in hand? If India is one nation and follows one constitution then how come there are different scales to award and compensate the deserving? And when we keep scales then we do not deserve to complain when some scales it zero; they may have all together distant ideology.

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