कन्हिया माखन चोर

As a common man I am the most confused creature who doesn’t know what’s going around the nation. I feel like I am in a middle of a Dharmyudh where everyone claiming to be true and blaming others to be dishonest, anti national and traitor. Is this a sign of civil war where a country fight within to protect one or other ideologies? I know this is happening all over the world and since we all are tightly connected; it’s hard to not to be affected. It’s difficult to believe that the people who established the first civilization is struggling to behave civil and going back to ground zero of Mahabharata.

How come the fight for Rohith Vemula in JNU has any relation with the soldiers giving their life for the country? How come the students march turns into an anti-national activities; then dilute it with the propaganda about finding alcohol bottles and used condoms in the dustbin of JNU?

I may not agree with what the students are saying but I do give respect to their right to speech without cutting down the topics to be discussed. If the law has rightfully hanged Afzal Guru, the same law has given rights to everyone to discuss about it. I do not understand what is making us so scared! We always had progressive people and thinkers, India was always known as accepting the discussions and welcoming new school of thoughts; and this is the reason that so many religion flourished from this glorious land.

I feel so sad when I see my country’s ministers behaving like a television artist and creating melodramas. I am talking about our HRD Minister Ms. Smriti Irani. She was behaving like a BJP party man replying to an opposition rather than conducting herself as a HRD minister of Republic of India. She should remember that she is wearing the shoe which was one worn by Shri. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, freedom fighter and first HRD minister of India. She should understand that she is just an office bearer not a front runner who should decide what we as an Indian should speak and conduct. I have a right to make mistake and learn in this free land; no one has right to mislead my aberrations and turn it to something more suitable to there agendas.

Is the JNU outrage giving another opportunist a free entry to already polluted and wealthy politics? I see lots of similarities between Indian politics and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India); both are like scavengers sitting on the most talented and skillful Indians. A great future is waiting for Kanahiya Kumar in Indian politics. But he raised some serious questions. Is raising a bitter question a crime? Is the government not answerable to its citizen? Is all are criminals who does not support the ruling party’s ideology? Is the ruling party not supposed to follow the Indian ideology which has been defined in the constitution? Is the ruling party following the RSS Constitution adopted in 1948 or the Indian Constitution adopted by the constituent assembly on 26th November 1949?

I would request the ruling party to concentrate on the development and governance as promised and let the people continue to enjoy their democracy. I do understand that the freedom comes with a cost and let the cost be our tolerance to accept any moron who cries for us and then let us down. We are far intelligent then what politicians, student leaders, saints, press media and so called intellectuals. Stop making judgments; let the rule of the country prevail.

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7 thoughts on “कन्हिया माखन चोर

  1. Bharat ke tukde is not freedom of speech . Yes we have diluted it. Difference of opinion is bound to be there like in childhood I always disagree with my parents ( that age you think all are wrong except you:) but did I start protesting and shouting maa tere tukde honge. Freedom is what soldiers fought not not for what mr x is shouting . He reminds me of movie Arjun where he is being used by politicians . I am not with any political party but I can see the opposition stalling parliament for non issues. You level charges and then do not have the guts to face her to allow her to answer. We are very judgemental and start asking for results from others. My question is society is reflection of you . What we have done to improve things around us apart from being critical to the government.Let’s give them time and cometh the hour we can decide if they were good bad or worst.Till then please do the work we do and allow them to do what they do as what PM is doing I can’t do and what I am doing PM can’t do

    Jai Hind!!

    1. Thanks Mohit; I really appreciate that you went through my article and took time to comment on it. Yes I do agree that the government should be allowed to function and any anti-national slogan or activities should be put on trail and highest possible punishment should be given. But the question is did we lost faith in our judiciary? How media trial can be considered as a final judgement? This is not about Kanahiya or Rohit or BJPP/RSS, it’s about BAN and moral policing. Beef BAN, Porn BAN, Valentine Day BAN, if you say against them your BAN!!!! kya ho rha hai yeha.

  2. We are not good at moral(infact we are double standard) so policing is done .It is like spare the cane and spoil the child.Let us come to Ban .You know that there has been ban on Meat and its slaughter in Gujrat since 1960.Did we have a problem with that?It is democracy that is why your freedom doesnt means that mine freedom can be compromised. Every country has its own tradition and culture and ban is something imposed by the government if it leads to crime or hurting public sentiments.You know in UK they are going to ban teenagers at mcdonalds to come alone in some parts of UK,does that mean there has been the world gone upside down.This is because the government is chosen to do the welfare of the public and also protect the interest.India is fusion of different culture so we may have to respect otherwise people will start slughtering animals in worship place and even in your house in name of freedom.

    If we do not understand the fine line of freedom and culture we are treading a dangerous path. I read the lawyer while arguing against the ban cited the reason that they respect cow and consume the milk so why cant we eat meat of it. Does that apply to human as well drink mothers milk and …(such a dumb arguement).Interesting fact is that the first seed of freedom was sown because of the beef(which was used in cartridge) to revolt against the British rule .Infact Gandhi ji also opposed cattle slaughter along with swamy vivekanand and even Bahadur Shah Zafar. Even britishers impose ban on cow slaughter as the population was going down considerably. The ban on cow slaughter was opposed by section of people as it would afffect the trade which will bring the money in early 1950.The point i am trying to arrive it is that this beef ban didnt start overnight but a struggle of event spanning over 200 years!!And i am not putting any political angle to it but these ban are not imposed by MLA or MP infact it is the decision upheld by Supreme Court.It is time we start respecting the decision of the court being the highest order of judiciary.So blaming the current government for ban is not at all fair.If someone has a problem they can challenge it.

    I have problem with liquor ban in Kerala so did i start blaming the community and the government for that.Also there is a ban on drink and drive this ceases my line of freedom.Very recent there was a ban on vehicles in delhi on even and odd days,doesnt that ceases my democratic right of freedom ?

    And anyway Beef Ban , Val Day Ban ,Porn ban is not something which is going to make life miserable and we can do away with it.Moreover it is not completely banned all across India. I may have an arguement that there are few activities & article banned in flight which is hindering my freedom but shouldnt i respect others safety as well? Lets take a positive side and move forward as freedom has just lost it meaning in past few months.We chose a government allow it to complete it tenure and take a decision instead of doing micro management .These are all politically framed issues which is nowhere to be heard once the election is over.

    Just one last comment there are so many suiscide farmers are committing and other students who cant handle exam /study pressure did we ever stood by them ever .Just because a person belonging from one particular caste has become so important that we have made him famous. Sorry but my heart bleeds on these double standard and if i am being emotional i am not being dramatic(infact we all are human in the parliament outside of it) so just let it go.

    On a lighter note everything is just fine lets do our work and not let other overpower you in your thoughts. We are discussing criticizing suggesting how the society & country should be and infact speaking about together in itself is an achivement. Leave the Ban as we just beat BANgladesh last night!!!

    1. Wow; that was the comment more elaborate then the article itself. I totally agree that the BAN and restrictions with respect to security and cultural restrictions is perfectly fine. I am not against the government or it’s governance; my sole thought is about the environment of disturbance and fear few people are trying to create, these are both within BJP/RSS and also from the one who does not want the current government to succeed. And regarding Ms. Smriti Irani, she was indeed more dramatic then being emotional, her statement didn’t matched the facts, and this remark is only for her 24th Feb 2016 speech in the parliament. For the fact, I love Ms Smriti Irani, Ms Sushma Swaraj and Mr. Suresh Prabhu for being so proactive and hardworking ministers.

      Team Bangladesh deserved the punishment from the Captain and I would welcome the Bangladesh government to review to revoke the Islamic state status of the country. I believe that a religion should be for an individual not for a state.

      1. I seriously feel that things are not lIke as it is presented most of time. They are being doctored for the selfish intrest of some. It has been the same from ages. Thats how duryodhana and dushashan got their names. But in this modern era of television trial and social media, it becomes more important in our part as a citizen of India being a land of ddiversities to know the art of filtering the good and the bad. We should be aware of the facts and surroundings. And should behave act and speak in a more mature way so that to avoid being used as an instruments by political parties or pressure groups. Being learned and techno savy it also becomes our responsibility and duty to keep ourself on track but also help others not to get deviated.

        1. Thanks Rakesh for going through the post and I really appreciate the time you took to pen down a comment. I totally agree with the fact that we all need a system to filter tsunami of information we receive on daily bases.

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