Problem I face as a father

As a kid I always felt ashamed seeing me father being scared, fragile and uncertain. I used to think that why is he so feeble when I can conquer all the evils as I believed I was so mighty in front of all the odds. His fears build an unchallenged courage and I overthrow all the hardship. However Alexander has to fall; the blind run came to a halt! And I got married and soon became a father of two kids. The world was never the same again and I somehow step into my fathers’ shoes. All of sudden I understood the catastrophe my father went through.

  1. I don’t know how to raise my kids.

I did school, college, Masters, double diploma and so and so; but I never come across any class where I was taught how to raise kids, as if these are inbuilt and we inherited from our DNA. Few generation back kids were raised by community or joint family. Nuclear families need help from the government and the community not only to tackle the issues but also to spread the awareness and teach about parenthood.

  1. My education ruined me; I don’t have anything to give to my kids.

It seems that education has forget the word “Purpose” or it has been taken as granted as purpose for creating work force, however it is failing in that department also. After spending 21 years till the post graduation stage no one acquire any working skill. If this education system has failed in its sole purpose how I can expect to gain any knowledge about parenting. I lost all my inheritance and cultural values; when people talk about Indian values I wonder where they are taught.

  1. When kids are out I am not sure if they are safe.

No Safety is the gigantic demon a parent faces every day. I am even scared of sending children within the society also. Never know from which corner the dark devil will raise and harm my kids.

  1. Lack of community and support

Community bonding has taken a backseat; I remember my childhood where we know each and every person by name but now I don’t even know how lives next door. I have more then 500+ friends in social websites but hardly few nearby to trust and share our kids’ responsibility in emergency.

  1. I don’t know how to channelize the enormous energy of kids

I heard parents complains regarding the kids spending more time in watching Television, playing video games and surfing social networking websites. Kids are least to be blamed; if we spend time with them they will never engage themselves in any other activities. But we are so tired when back home that it becomes impossible to cope up with the energies of the kids and it seems easy escape by alluring kids to these activities.

7 thoughts on “Problem I face as a father

  1. I think you are the boss here whatever you will project kids will take up. The toughest part is convincing them . Just go back and do a role play be a child and do it the way you would have loved

    1. Thank you Mohit for taking time to put your valuable comments. You are right Whatever I project kids will take up; however parents should be trained to project positive things to kids which in a long run would help the nation to grow further and keep its rich heritage intact. Otherwise if parents are incapable or lack the skill to present the wide vision of this nation, there are greater risk to such kids to get involved and influenced.

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